Romano Botta S.r.l. was born from the desire to travel and to take on new challenges by the son of a fabric entrepreneur from Como in early 19th century. At the age of twenty in 1967 Romano Botta began travelling to the USA as a salesman for some of Como’s fabric companies, an overseas market little known to the Como fabric producers.
With persistence and hard work came the first successes and so in 1981 Romano Botta S.r.l. was founded. It is a dynamic company, ready for new challenges, ready to evolve according to demand but always with passion, good taste and quality. First came the production of ties, followed by clothing, where today ad hoc collections are designed from specific requests of clients.

40 years of experience has led to being able to interpret the artistic and technical requirements of our clients achieving the quality of Made in Italy.
The production is carefully followed at every stage, today more than ever sustainable methods are preferred and the chain of suppliers has been chosen with care. The Romano Botta company is aimed at clients who wish to be treated with care and reactivity, with whom is established a relationship of collaboration and trust with an end to creating the best!

Nowadays the sons, with new energy, work alongside Romano Botta in the company dealing with the accessory division and the clothing division.